4th Of July Rice Krispies Cones

It's almost firework time, ya'll! My kids are getting a little older and now are getting the idea of when holidays are approaching. They love to see their dad put on a firework display for them each year. 
..and there's always delicious food! My littles & I had so much fun making these 4th Of July themed cones using Rice Krispies! There are so easy to make and perfect for toddlers to help with.

I mostly used things I already had in my kitchen, but you can substitute any of these items for something different! I couldn't find any 4th of July sprinkles at the last minute, so it was a pain to pick the red, white & blue ones out of the rainbow mixture I hand on hand - ha! (You can easily make these with less than $10!) Also not pictured is butter! 

Here's how simple it is:
Melt your chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring and making sure it doesn't burn. You'll have to work quickly with this part so it doesn't harden! Dip the tops of the cones into t…

DIY | Cool Whip Paint {Sensory Friendly!}

Quarantine is still going strong in a lot of places, so keeping the kids busy is a MUST right now! I know I'm scavenging the house all day long for crafts to keep my little's occupied. I come across a fun and delicious craft; DIY cool whip painting! 

This is so easy to make, all you'll need is Cool Whip, food coloring, paint brushes, paper, and a muffin pan. This can also be used for finger painting or used at bath time for easy clean up. Making it a fun sensory activity for all ages! 

It's as easy as dividing the cool whip into the muffin pan sections, and adding 1-2 drops of food dye. You can also mix dye colors to create different shades of colors. 

My 3 & 6 year old had such a blast painting and sneaking a taste of their paint! This is such a fun activity to do with the kids and costs less than $5 to do! Enjoy!


2 Ingredient - Scented Marbled Play Doh

Yep - You can find playdoh for as cheap as fifty cents at the store, but letting your kids make their own, get messy AND keep them busy during quarantine is priceless! I know my kids would much rather make their own stuff so I decided to make our own playdoh this week using only TWO ingredients. CORN STARCH and HAIR CONDITIONER! 

These are all things you would typically have around the house already. You'll need a mixing bowl, spoon, food coloring dye, corn starch, and hair conditioner. Any conditioner will work! I wanted to make the playdoh scented so I used one of mine that smells like coconuts. You can also use fragrance free for any allergies or sensitive skin! 

We used 3 drops of dye to create the marbled look, but to make it full color I think it would only take 4-5 drops of dye. 
My kids had such a blast making this and bragged to their dad as soon as he got home that they made their own playdoh! You can seriously tweak the instructions above to your liking, too! 

**Peep the Ly…

DIY | Time Management Clock For Kids

Ya'll - this is the best DIY project I have ever done! I am constantly researching products that might bring some ease to our chaotic lifestyle and came across these time management clocks that help ADHD kids. I knew this would be perfect for Adrian since he thrives on being on a routine. All kids in general are horrible with timing, but ADHD kids are even worse. The price tag on these clocks online are around $30 and up. So I thought I'd try to make it myself and it ended up turning out perfect for us! Of course you can tweak any details about the clock that you want so that it fits into your lifestyle perfectly.
Here's how the time management clock works:
The bumble bee is on the minute hand for us (NOTE: You can add an animal to the hour hand also!) So an example:  "When the bee gets on the fox, it is quite time" "When the bee gets on the raccoon we have to start getting ready to leave, and have to be out of the house by the time it lands on the owl" &quo…

April | Cesarean Awareness Month

Every year April is recognized as Cesarean Awareness Month. I think it's wonderful we have a month to bring awareness to this - as EVERY birth is special. I don't write a lot about really personal things like this, but I decided this year would be the year I branch out into letting others into my personal life a bit. I have a lot of people across the world that I consider friends and I want to be more open with those friends! If you're reading this, I consider YOU a friend. 

I had c-sections with both of my babies! The top is my son in 2014, the bottom is my daughter in 2016. My son was breech (feet first/head in my ribs - ouch!) so he was a scheduled c-section. I was given the choice to have him manually turned - but I declined because of the risks. (Yep - cesarean has a lot more risks but I wasn't adding any additional ones on). My surgery with him lasted about 45 minutes and everything went smoothly, according to plan. My only regret is not asking for additional pain…

Target drive-up Easter baskets

Easter is NOT canceled, Ya'll! Not in our house anyways. I was worried about putting together decent baskets for my kids, but then saw that Target was having an awesome sale on Easter supplies AND it was all offered in drive-up. YAY for social distancing and winning Easter! Everything you see here you can find on the Target app and click drive-up. If you've never used drive-up before, well, you'll be addicted after this! 

I've started to do things a little differently on holidays now where we pick more toys & books rather than candy. 
Here's everything I picked out:

These cute girl & boy felt baskets were only $3 each! They look small but they actually hold a lot! 

My kiddos LOVE reading books and Target had a buy 2 books get 1 free deal on the app! (Still on there as of 04/07) Pete The Cat is such a good series for beginner readers. Peppa is my daughter's favorite character and we've been introducing God in our home to the kids since they've gotten…

Bedside must-have's

Our home is slowly coming together after picking out a few new furniture pieces! I decided to share a few things I keep by my bedside as well. 
This is our second Nathan James piece in our home. I own a beautiful desk designed by them, and recently got this marbled top nightstand. 

This was crazy easy to assemble. That's one of my favorite things about Nathan James is that they make assembly easy, quick and send everything you need to install it. I am the worst with directions, and this seriously took me 8 minutes to unbox and put together. 
You can check this piece out HERE.

I switch up my nightstand products frequently! Most often I have a diffuser, candle, cellphone stand, my favorite books, and pictures! My drawer is the typical "junk drawer", but I keep a lot of hand sanitizers, lotions, and hair clips handy! 

In the winter and when I feel a cold coming on I'll clear it off and only have a humidifier. This is something everyone should invest in! It's helped us so…